The rules for Stockholm Robot Championship can be found translated to English below. They are the same as the ones used in the Swedish Championship.

This page was last updated:

2014-09-02: Updated the rules for LEGO sumo dimension to comply with international rules.

2013-10-08: The sumo rules have been updated with the addition of Lego Sumo.

2013-10-06: Updated drawing for the folkrace track.

2013-10-01: Updated rules for the folkrace to make score keeping more clear and what happens when a robot gets stuck.

2012-10-28:Minor adjustments to the layout of the folkrace track.

2012-10-04: Drawing of folkrace track uploaded.

2012-09-26: Remote start is mandatory also for folkrace.


The main goal of this competition is for the robot to stay inside a field and push their opponent out. Important features are power, speed and knowledge of the surroundings. There are several different classes, all the way from standard sumo down to micro sumo.

Rules for Sumo  [pdf]

A supplementary to these rules are the specifications for the remote start module. This is mandatory for all micro, mini and standard sumo robots. You will find it through the following link:

Specification for remote start

Line following

In this competition, the robots are supposed to follow a line as quickly as possible. Speed and control are key factors here.

Rules for Line Following(Rules for advanced following can be ignored)  [pdf]


Several robots compete on the same track to get around the whole course first. Since there are several robots involved at the same time, robots need to distinguish what is the wall and what is an opponent.

Rules for Folkrace  [pdf]

A supplementary to these rules are the specifications for the remote start module. This module was first developed for sumo robots but is also mandatory also for folkrace to obtain a synchronized start. You will find more information on the following link:

Specification for remote start


In freestyle you are welcome to show of your robot creation that’s not a contestant in the ordinary disciplines. You will get access to a table as well as wall space to put up information about your build. If you have an alternative way of displaying your creation, please contact us and we will see what we can arrange.

Buy remote start module

On the registration page it is possible to order the module. The modules are sold without profit.
To test the module at home you can buy the following remote link.

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